Our Approach


Our Approach

Our Approach 


Every single day, businesses like yours face challenges. The overall performance of the company may not be at the level you expect or want it to be. Perhaps the company isn't growing at a steady enough rate, and you feel it could be improved. Or, as a leader, you may be looking ahead to safeguard the future of the company. 

The Sensemaking team has helped numerous businesses and business leaders overcome these issues, learn from the experience, and go on to achieve their true potential. 

From our combined experience, we have identified four key focus areas for improvement which concern businesses globally every day. We have designed impactful, creative, and inspiring methods to address these areas and help you do the right thing well. We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs and budget from 90 minute interventions to longer tailored events. 

On top of this, we have created a Strategic Leadership Programme to help business leaders at any level develop a more strategic mindset. We supplement the programme with individual mentoring and coaching to deliver a powerful, practical, bespoke experience with tangible results and techniques you can implement at the very same time. 

Four Focus Areas


Four Focus Areas

The Four Focus Areas Defined 


Ambition Setting 

Set a strategic ambition and direction for your business. Having a robust, future-based ambition and strategy ensures everyone involved is working toward the same goals. Sensemaking can help you set a strategy which is optimised to plan for growth. 


Delivering Success

Understanding the different innovation types is key to delivering growth. Innovation and foresight work in tandem, and Sensemaking can help you be more innovative by being more customer and future-focused, and enable you to choose the best options for success.


Decision Making

Strategic decision making relies on assessment of your business and its environment. Sensemaking can help you to challenge assumptions while managing for risk, value, and overall business performance. We can help you make strategic decisions, and be confident in the choices you make. 


Future Proofing

Strategic leaders are always three steps ahead, and consider what's coming down the line. Using scenario-based examples and training, Sensemaking can help you to anticipate, and act on, emerging opportunities and threats. Planning ahead eliminates surprises.

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Strategic Leadership Programme


Strategic Leadership Programme

What Makes A Strategic Leader



Strategic Leadership = Strategic Mindset + Strategy Skills

A strategic leader is future oriented, action focused, and comfortable making decisions regardless of the pressure or complexity involved. This is a person who is really heard by peers; who can articulate thoughts as though telling a story. A strategic leader is self-aware, clear about his/her own beliefs, and willing to live with ambiguity, while observing his/her colleagues and learning about their strengths and weaknesses. A strategic leader is eager to learn new skills, develop a strategic mindset, and expand his/her strategy skills.


How Can Sensemaking Help?

Our Strategic Leadership Programmes are suitable for developing current or future leaders at any level of any organisation. The programmes can be run in-house or as open programmes where participants benefit from working with a small number of peers from other organisations.


The Aims and Activities Include:

  • Learning how and when to use a broad range of simple, practical, strategic tools and techniques. 
  • Exploring and applying insights from other companies. 
  • Working on real strategic challenges, in your own and other peoples organisations.
  • Developing a more strategic mindset.
  • Benefitting from individual mentoring and coaching.


By participating in the Strategic Leadership Programme, you will be able to identify and develop the traits and characteristics critical for your success. 

Strategic Leadership Traits And Characteristics 


Future Orientated 

The ability to think three steps ahead, while considering both short- and long-term with a timeframe relevant to specific aspects of the business. Someone who is curious, and can anticipate change.


Listen/Observe & Learn

Able to collect and absorb information without blinkers from a very broad range of sources, look outside traditional boundaries, and able to see the bigger picture. A talent for making connections, considering organisation learning, and revising assumptions based on events.


Story Teller

A person who can create and share exciting stories in such a way that people actively listen. This person has the ability to clearly articulate the future that they see.


Action Focused

A pragmatic person who can consider execution realities, create plans, and lead people to deliver.



The characteristic of someone who spends time thinking. They may do this on their own or with members of their organisation. One who gives diverse thought to the broader world, considering innovative and creative solutions, and lateral ideas.


Self Aware

Able to understand one's own values, and to self-manage. Willing to live with ambiguity, while being clear about personal beliefs, assumptions, and preconceptions.


Decision Maker 

The ability to make decisions regardless of the number of uncertainties or level of pressure. A person who takes risk-factor into consideration, but is not paralysed by it, can handle complexity in their stride, and frame the real issues to make a choice.

Future Agenda

Sensemaking are members of Future Agenda - the world's largest open foresight initiative.


Future Agenda

Sensemaking are members of Future Agenda - the world's largest open foresight initiative.

Future Agenda: The World in 2025

Future Agenda explores the key issues facing society over the next decade.
The 60 insights can be downloaded from the Future Agenda website.

The Sensemaking Future Focus Business Breakouts provide practical and affordable ways to get your hands on the future and make sense of what it means to you.