Business Breakouts

Affordable, bite sized ways to improve individual and business performance.

Delivered by the Sensemaking Partner Network, using world-class content and techniques

Breakouts include Get your Hands on the Future; Storytelling; Innovation and Growth; Building Success.

Business Breakouts

The Sensemaking Partner Network can run sessions from the following Business Breakouts Sets:

Future Focus

Have a different type of conversation using unique content that allows you to explore and discuss the future, share your future insights and identify the implications and opportunities
for your business.


Risk and Uncertainty

Learn how to develop and use scenarios to help take better decisions in the face of
uncertainty. Learn how to improve how you manage risk and how to surface and challenge
the key assumptions that may be a source of organisational blind spots and risks.


Innovation and Growth

Learn about different innovations styles and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Learn the secrets of success from Growth Champions and apply the insights to spot new opportunities for your business.


Delivering Results

Understand how to manage the things that matter and stop the stuff that gets in the way of success. Find out the resources, knowledge and skills that you need to deliver results.


Building Success

Build a great team aligned around a shared vision with a clear action plan of how to win. Gain insight into your key stakeholders and competitors by building a simple model of your business landscape.


Storytelling and Trust

Learn and practice some simple techniques that help you lead others and become the go-to person for advice and support. Develop your communication skills so that you can have a bigger influence and identify practical ways to build trust with colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers and other key stakeholders.